TeenShield helps you keep your teen out of dangerous situations.

Know everything about your child's digital world to keep them safe.
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Monitor your child's Android texts, calls, photos, location and more!


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Text Messages

View the contents of every text message sent or received.

Call Information

See call history with number, date and duration.

GPS Locations

View your child's historical GPS locations on a map.


View photos your child has taken with the camera.

Other Features

Please note: TeenShield is compatible with Android devices only. There is no iOS version available.

WhatsApp Chats *



Apps Installed


* The WhatsApp feature requires a rooted Android device.

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Company Media Attention

More than half of college students sent or received sexually explicit text messages of images when they were under the age of 18.

Daily Herald

While monitoring apps are safety essentials, parental involvement during media usage is also imperative.

Miami Sun-Sentinel

Sexting. There's a tremendous problem with young people photographing themselves and sharing via texting and social media.

Huffington Post

Frequently Asked Questions

TeenShield is a monitoring service which allows parents to monitor their child’s Android smartphone or tablet activity to keep them safe. Parents sign into an easy and secure website to view the smartphone activity after it happens. Only you can access your child’s data through a secure, password-protected web site.
TeenShield is compatible with Android devices only. It is compatible with any device running Android 5 to Android 7.1.2. Version 8 compatiblity coming soon! Please note: TeenShield is not available for iOS.
As the legal guardian of an underage child, a parent has the legal right to monitor their children under the age of 18 if the parent owns the device and pays the phone bill. It is always recommended that you tell your child you are monitoring their activities beforehand. However every situation is unique and the choice is at the discretion of the parent.
As a parent using TeenShield you will be able to see:

  • Sent, received and deleted text messages
  • Logs of each call made or received with timestamp and call length
  • Historical device locations of your child on a detailed map
  • Web sites visited history, contacts, bookmarks and apps installed
  • Messages sent and received in WhatsApp Messenger
  • Photos taken by your child on the device
  • TeenShield allows you to BLOCK specific applications and websites from being accessible on the Android device your child uses!
    Yes, multiple teen devices can be added inside the same account. Simply purchase one license to monitor up to 3 devices inside your account. Then add the license to your personal TeenShield account.
    TeenShield is $39.95 for 3 months access for up to 3 devices. More devices can be monitored within the same account by purchasing additional licenses.
    Create your account now by filling out the Sign Up form at the top of this page. If you already have an account but need to purchase a license, you can do so by going to the Purchase Page.

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